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Ear Nose Throat (ENT)/Otorhinolaryngology,

Khurana ENT Clinic is a beacon of healthcare excellence in the heart of Faridabad, a vibrant city brimming with life and activity. This multispecialty hospital has a large number of beds and provides a wide range of services under the competent supervision of Dr. Rajesh Khurana, a seasoned specialist in ear, nose, and throat (ENT) diseases. The clinic has become known for its compassionate care, cutting-edge technology, and dedication to patient well-being.
Khurana ENT Clinic's commitment to delivering accessible healthcare through Mediclaim and cashless facilities is one of its distinguishing aspects. This guarantees that patients can access services without being burdened by urgent financial concerns, emphasising the clinic's commitment to patient-centred care.
Dr. Rajesh Khurana, the clinic's leading ENT specialist, has a wealth of experience and expertise. His expertise covers a wide range of ear-related ailments, including hearing loss, ear discharge, and ear pain. In terms of nose-related diseases, the clinic treats blockages, nasal bleeding, and rhinitis/sneezing. Khurana ENT Clinic provides comprehensive treatment for a variety of throat-related problems, including foreign body symptoms, discomfort, bleeding or cough, oral ulcers, glossitis, and others.
Khurana ENT Clinic has specialised facilities, such as an on-site pharmacy and an operating theatre (OT). The pharmacy ensures that prescribed medications are available, enhancing patient convenience. The OT is well-equipped, allowing advanced instruments and technology to be used to execute delicate treatments and surgeries.
Dr. Rajesh Khurana's skill in microscopic and endoscopic treatments, as well as his knowledge of cancer-related issues, distinguishes the clinic as a centre of excellence in ENT care. The clinic's concentration on modern diagnostic and treatment modalities reflects its commitment to remaining at the cutting edge of medical innovation.

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Ear Nose Throat (ENT)/Otorhinolaryngology  

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Ahir Haweli Mohna Road Near PNB Bank Faridabad

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Dr Rajesh Khurana Ear Nose Throat (ENT)/Otorhinolaryngology  - View Timing


Mediclaim / Cashless Symptoms : Ear , Hearing , Ear Discharge , Ear Pain Nose : Block , Nasal Bleed , Rhinitis/SneezingThroat : FB Sensation , Pain , Bleeding/Cough , Oral Ulcers , Glossitis , SMF , Leukoplakia , Melanoplagegekia , Change of Voice Post OP : C/o Pain , Dischage , Ulcer , Diarrhoea Specialist in : Microscope , Endoscope , Cancer


Pharmacy , OT

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