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Metro Heart Institute With Multispeciality Hospital

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Allergies, Anesthesiology , Bariatric Surgery, Cardiology , Clinical Pathology, Clinical Psychology, Dentistry (Dental), Ear Nose Throat (ENT)/Otorhinolaryngology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, General Medicine, General Physician, General Surgery, Gynaecology/Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Laproscopic Surgery, Microbiology, Neonatology (Specialist for New Born), Nephrology, Neurology, Obstetrics, Oncology, Ophthalmology /Opthalmology, Orthopaedics/Orthopedic, Pathology, Pediatric/Paediatric, Physician & Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, Psychiatry, Pulmology, Respiratory disease, Skin Treatments (Dermatology), Surgeon, Urology, Vascular Surgeon,

Since 1997, Metro Heart Institute and Multispecialty Hospital have been raising healthcare standards. Metro Heart Institute with Multispeciality Hospital, established in 1997, operates as a prominent 400-bed facility located in the heart of Faridabad near Nirman Kunj ADB Colony, Sector 16A. Our varied specialisations and cutting-edge facilities demonstrate our dedication to healthcare excellence.

Metro Heart Institute provides comprehensive specialisations for holistic care, including allergies, anesthesiology, bariatric surgery, cardiology, clinical pathology, clinical psychology, dentistry (dental), ENT, endocrinology, gastroenterology, general medicine, general surgery, gynaecology, internal medicine, laparoscopic surgery, microbiology, neonatology, nephrology, neurology, obstetrics, oncology, ophthalmology, and ortho

State-of-the-Art Facilities for Unparalleled Services: Our hospital has a comprehensive array of facilities, including MRI, CT Scan, TPA/Insurance, Cafeteria, Cardiac Lab, OPD Rooms, Blood Centre, Laboratory Service, IP Billing, Mortuary, Emergency Services, OPD Chambers, Pharmacy, IPD Admission, Corporate & PSU Help Desk, Dialysis, Radiology/Imaging, Cath Lab, OT Complex, and Intensive Care Unit.

Our hospital has specialised infrastructure, such as a cafeteria, kitchen, and international lounge, which ensures a comfortable and pleasant environment for patients and their families. The pharmacy is well-stocked to supply all drug needs as soon as possible.

Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Equipment: Metro Heart Institute houses specialised equipment such as an MRI and a CT scan, which provide sophisticated diagnostic capabilities for accurate and timely assessments.

Finally, Metro Heart Institute with Multispeciality Hospital is more than just a healthcare provider; it is a dedication to providing comprehensive, accessible, and high-quality medical services. We offer you to experience healthcare excellence in Faridabad, with a long legacy, different specialisations, advanced facilities, and patient-centric care. You can count on us to provide compassionate, personalised, and integrated care that prioritises your health and satisfaction.

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Nirman Kunj ADB Colony , Sector 16A Faridabad

Available Specialist

Dr Pankaj Chabra Pulmology  - View Timing
Dr Sudip Raina Oncology Surgeon  - View Timing
Dr Sunny Jain Oncology  - View Timing
Dr. Sachin Kumar Psychiatry  - View Timing
Dr Niti Chadha Cardiology   - View Timing
Dr Sagar Gupta Nephrology  - View Timing
Dr Abhishek Bansal Internal Medicine Respiratory disease  - View Timing
Dr Tarun Sharma Neurology  - View Timing
Dr Manoj Gupta Anesthesiology   - View Timing
Dr Simmi Madan Dua Anesthesiology   - View Timing
Dr Anu Sehgal Anesthesiology   - View Timing
Dr Garima Jain Anesthesiology   - View Timing
Dr Suhail Bukhari Vascular Surgeon  - View Timing
Dr Kaveshver Ghura Plastic Surgeon Skin Treatments (Dermatology)  - View Timing
Dr Rohit Thakkar Orthopaedics/Orthopedic  - View Timing
Dr Rekha Garg Dentistry (Dental)  - View Timing
Dr Ashish Garg Dentistry (Dental)  - View Timing
Dr Aakash Bhayana Skin Treatments (Dermatology)  - View Timing
Dr Rajiv Gupta Anesthesiology   - View Timing
Dr Praveen Kumar Ear Nose Throat (ENT)/Otorhinolaryngology  - View Timing
Dr Vijender Gupta Laproscopic Surgery  - View Timing
Dr Mradul Garg General Surgery  - View Timing
Dr Kumar Rahul Radiology  - View Timing
Dr Chanchal Gupta Gynaecology/Gynecology  - View Timing
Dr Vishal Khurana Gastroenterology  - View Timing
Dr Nisha Sehrawat Clinical Pathology Pathology  - View Timing
Dr Vijay Kumar Agarwal Internal Medicine Pulmology  - View Timing
Dr Ruchika Garg Skin Treatments (Dermatology)  - View Timing
Dr. Sachin Goel Neurology  - View Timing
Dr Alok Prasad Endocrinology  - View Timing
Dr Naveen Sanchety Surgical Oncology, Cancer Care   - View Timing
Dr Sweta Garg Radiology  - View Timing
Dr Vijay Kumar Goyal Radiology  - View Timing
Dr Ashutosh Kumar Singh Neonatology (Specialist for New Born) Pediatric/Paediatric  - View Timing
Dr Shallu Verma General Physician  - View Timing
Dr Sanjay Kumar Agrawal Laproscopic Surgery  - View Timing
Dr Anurag Aggarwal Orthopaedics/Orthopedic  - View Timing
Dr Vineeta Singh Kharb Gynaecology/Gynecology  - View Timing
Dr Ruchi Vohra Gynaecology/Gynecology  - View Timing
Dr Meghana Phadke Pediatric/Paediatric  - View Timing
Dr Prabhat Kumar Bajpai Neonatology (Specialist for New Born) Pediatric/Paediatric  - View Timing
Dr Nimish Gupta Nephrology  - View Timing
Dr Loveleen Mangla Pulmology  - View Timing
Dr Ajay Kumar Beliya Cardiology   - View Timing
Dr Adil Rizvi Cardiology   - View Timing
Dr Vineeta Singh Kharb Gynaecology/Gynecology  - View Timing
Dr Naseen Ahmed Clinical Psychology  - View Timing
Dr. Neeraj Jain Cardiology   - View Timing
Dr. Rakesh Parashar Ophthalmology /Opthalmology  - View Timing
Dr. Chetna Ghura Skin Treatments (Dermatology)  - View Timing
Dr Kumar Rahul Radiology  - View Timing
Dr Purshotam Lal Cardiology   - View Timing


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