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Orthodontist, Orthopaedics/Orthopedic, Pathology, Pediatric/Paediatric, Physician & Surgeon, Physiotherapy, Radiology, Skin Treatments (Dermatology),

Chandna Medical Center: A Comprehensive Healthcare Sanctuary in the Heart of Faridabad. Since its inception, Chandna Medical Centre has stood as a beacon of health and wellness in the heart of Faridabad, providing top-tier healthcare services. It began as a 30-bed multispecialty hospital and has since become a well-known name in the community.


Chandna Medical Centre takes pride in offering a wide range of medical specializations to ensure that patients receive specialized care across multiple disciplines. Orthodontics, orthopedics, pathology, Pediatrics, general medicine, general surgery, laparoscopic surgery, ophthalmology, urology, and dermatology are among the specialties offered by the hospital.

Dr. Kiran Chandna (Gynecology), Dr. Anil Arora (ENT), Dr. Ajay Kanol (General Medicine), Dr. Sunil Parashar (General Surgery), Dr. B.K. Sharma (Surgeon), Dr. Sunil Garg (Laparoscopic Surgery), Dr. Pankaj Sachdeva (Ophthalmology), Dr. Sandeep Gupta (Urology),

Services and facilities

Chandna Medical Centre is outfitted with cutting-edge technology to meet a wide range of medical needs. The hospital has a 24-hour emergency department that provides immediate medical attention in life-threatening situations. Deliveries, ultrasounds, X-rays, and a well-equipped ICU all contribute to the hospital's commitment to providing comprehensive care.

Comfortable private rooms and a 30-bed infrastructure are available in the Inpatient Department (IPD), ensuring patients receive personalized attention and care. The hospital also has an ambulance service to help with emergency medical transportation.


The infrastructure of Chandna Medical Centre is intended to create a healing environment. The hospital has well-equipped operating rooms that ensure surgical precision. Air-conditioned rooms contribute to patients' comfort during their stay.

Finally, Chandna Medical Centre, which was founded as a multispecialty hospital, remains a cornerstone of healthcare in Faridabad. The hospital remains committed to providing holistic and advanced healthcare services to the community it serves, with a dedicated team of specialists, modern facilities, and a patient-centric approach.

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52 and 85, New Sabzi Mandi, Sector 18 A, Old Faridabad, Faridabad, Haryana 121002

Available Specialist

Dr Kiran Chandna Gynaecology/Gynecology  - View Timing
Dr Anil Arora Ear Nose Throat (ENT)/Otorhinolaryngology  - View Timing
Dr Sunil Parashar General Surgery  - View Timing
Dr. B.K Sharma Surgeon  - View Timing
Dr. Sunil Garg Laproscopic Surgery  - View Timing
Dr Pankaj Sachdeva Ophthalmology /Opthalmology  - View Timing
Dr. Chakshu Shahpathi Orthopaedics/Orthopedic  - View Timing
Dr. Geeta Khurana Pathology  - View Timing
Dr. Rajeev Jain Anesthesiology   - View Timing
Dr. Manish Wadwa Pathology  - View Timing
Dr. Anil Sharma Anesthesiology   - View Timing
Dr Puneet Wadwa Pediatric/Paediatric  - View Timing
Dr Deepak Bansal Neurology  - View Timing
Dr. Shelly Aggarwal Anesthesiology   - View Timing
Dr. Sandeep Gupta Urology  - View Timing
Dr. Anurag Khaitan Urology  - View Timing
Dr. Ashok Chandna General Medicine  - View Timing
Dr. Rakesh Sethi Anesthesiology   - View Timing


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